Surrounded – Beautiful Moment


Certain moments in life sometimes seem to perfectly align.

Recently this past summer I was driving to the beach with my glowing fiancée. We were holding hands, smiling, laughing and slowly making our way through the L.A. traffic. The music was the perfect volume and we made this turn under an overpass where the sun became brilliantly blinding. And in this moment so many inexpressible feelings from many spectrums collided in a vast array of emotions. Tears welled up in my eyes. Sometimes things are so beautiful in life there is an ache, but when all the colors bleed together the collimation is Joy overtaking. A sense of something far greater than self or those we are connected to but the one who is infinitely connected to each of us. Deeply and personally, never waving in His love.

And this moment was merely a whisper of affection and a display of the vast beauty He creates daily, for us to enjoy. We are surrounded by majesty and too many of those moments can pass in vain if we aren’t careful to stop and observe the soaring whispers all around. Let the beauty and ache of life resound in your soul and recoil a greatness that can only be experienced through the eyes of knowing God.