Embrace Yourself


Just as God is a triune being so He also created us; three in one, we are body, soul, and spirit. We possess intellect, will, and emotions. These make up the core of every human being.

Intellect is what sets us apart from all other life. We can reason, plan, imagine, learn and create. Within the scope of our minds lie untapped potential and genius; we are, after all, made in the image and likeness of God.

Our will is what we strive for, what we want out of life and what we will do to make that happen. Our will is happening every day. We can choose to be selfish or selfless, giving or taking, caring in action or apathetic to the needs of others. Today is your will, what will you do today?

Emotions. We laugh, we cry, we jump for joy, and sometimes we fall down alone with no one to help us up. Some would deny their feelings and try to bury them as a weakness. The whole “real men don’t cry” gets drowned out over “Jesus weeping,” while others are so led by feelings that what they want out of life (will) and reason are sometimes sacrificed in search of satisfying a feeling (or not feeling).

In today’s culture so much of what is propagated is to escape and numb feelings. From our warped view of what true masculinity is to the constant overload of entertainment, viral videos, TV, video games, etc. It sometimes seems to me that the last thing people want to do is check in to themselves and ask the hard questions, yet those are the ones that matter most. When I’m dead in my casket will I be proud of what I accomplished? Today? Are the things I’m doing helping me achieve my goals? Do I have goals? Have I really forgiven that person that so deeply hurt me I couldn’t tell anyone what they did to me? Why am I so bored with my life? Why must I be entertained all the time with never a moment to reflect…

The point is that God created us to thrive in who we are. God gave us that gift of pain so that we could share our experiences with others and help in their liberation. God gave us dreams and visions that we may see a little more of His Kingdom on earth. God has given us the gift of today to reflect and forgive, to plan and move forward and ultimately to accomplish His will. Don’t squander your life away not facing the hard truth of who you are, why you went through the things you have and why you have that dream that only you can accomplish. Embrace yourself, turn off the TV, write out a few goals and find healing in the hurts you try to drown out.

I leave you with the opening verse from a song of mine entitled “The Dreamer’s Dream”

“These dreams could cost
These dreams could cost a lifetime
These dreams could cost
These dreams could cost a life”