Intimate Interview with Ed Fuchs

ImageVictor Miller: I am here with the anointed Christian Rock musician Ed Fuchs, and would like start by asking, how are you?
Ed Fuchs: I’m doing great today.

VM: When did you give your life to Christ?
Ed Fuchs: I said the ‘sinner’s prayer’ at age 12 one very early December morning. My Aunt Rhonda was visiting and she walked me through the Bible and I prayed this prayer. I was baptized at age 13. I wish I could tell you that everything got better after that but in fact it was then that the real war for my soul was waged.

VM: Can you elaborate on what led you to the Lord?
Ed Fuchs: My Grandma Sally died of cirrhosis of the liver from alcohol abuse at age 48. The last year of her life she spent playing piano in my uncle Bobby’s Church. Unfortunately, my mother would follow in her footsteps for many years. I come from a divorced family and had a difficult upbringing. My mother was an alcoholic and had an abusive alcoholic boyfriend that would tear me down emotionally. “You’re nothing. You’ll never be good enough. This is all your fault,” were some of lies I was left to believe. After years of torment I turned to drugs in my teen years to escape the pain. I knew God was real and He was with me, there was a very real struggle in my life. When I turned 21 my mother and I had both gone beyond rock bottom and we left Las Vegas and both entered Teen Challenge, which is a Christian life school for people with drug and alcohol problems. We completed the program and went onto the Ministry Institute they offer afterwards. We’ve both been sober seven years coming up in February andGod uses our story to bring hope to others. (I come from a bloodline of ministers on my mother’s side, so one could say I was led to the Lord by a generational calling.)

VM: How did you get into music?
Ed Fuchs: Struggling with worthlessness, depression, and anger turned inwards I gravitated towards angry, powerful music. Music was an outlet for me. Music was my escape. I took Band in sixth grade and at the advice of my mother I started playing the flute. Once I got my first guitar, I threw myself into it as much as I could. Songwriting was something I was doing as soon as I could. Even though I never met my grandma, I feel as though this is something we share together. My mom isn’t very musical and she views my gifts as a way of God giving back to her some of the things she lost from her mother. I’m grateful to have music and a generational call in my blood.

VM:  I read on your website that you weren’t always a Christian Rock artist, at one point in your life you were a metal front man. Can you explain what that transition was like for you?
Ed Fuchs: God radically transformed my life. I still enjoy heavier music as well as a plethora of other genres, but somewhere along the line I came full circle. The metal music I was playing in Las Vegas was very technical with many parts. Now, sometimes I will write a song with just a catchy chorus, a few verses and maybe a bridge or guitar solo.

VM:. A child flutist turned singer/songwriter/guitar player, it’s obvious you are blessed with a lot of musical talent. Even though you didn’t always use your gift to glorify the Lord, looking back at it do you think it’s safe to say that you were really being groomed to walk in the anointing God has for your life?
Ed Fuchs: I’m humbled to be used by God and even as I think back to the dark bars with the bright lights we played at, I can see God’s hand in preparing me for my calling and ministry. I’ve been leading worship for many years now and I’ve learned a lot from both sides of the spectrum.
VM: What inspires your music?
Ed Fuchs: Passion. “In the beginning God created…” And as we are made in God’s image I believe that He wants to use us to create new things. I receive songwriting as a gift from God. Some of the deepest hurts of my life have birthed some of my deepest songs. It was 9 years ago today that I lost my dear Aunt Robin and from that tragic loss came my full length concept album‘Beyond Eternity’s Shore.’ I have seen Romans 8:28 realized in my life time after time. ‘And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

VM: Being a Gospel artist you can’t just put out quality music, you have to put out quality music with a message and make sure that message lines up with the word of God. Does that make writing songs harder for you or not?
Ed Fuchs: Songwriting for me is mostly a prophetic act of worship. For many songs I will turn on the recorder and just sing and play guitar. ‘The One and Only’ was an 11-minute song when I first recorded it. Then I listened to the recording I made and wrote out all the lyrics and only kept the best. That song focuses on God opening the blind eyes and letting the dead rise. It’s a sequel to ‘The Only One’. I like to choose topics and scripture that most seem to shy away from. ‘Sent from Above’ is a great example of how I interpret Isaiah 53. I was also an associate pastor for several years so I try and make sure that what
singing is theologically correct.

VM: Is there a particular Christian artist or producer that you would love to work with?
Ed Fuchs: Wow, that’s tough one. There are many great artists out there that have inspired me. Let’s see… KoRn was one of my favorite bands growing up and to know that Brian ‘Head’ Welch is now saved and using his talents for the Lord is an amazing testimony to how great our God is. I would love to write and work with him some day.

VM: With you being from L.A. you probably see a lot of young apiring musicians with GOD GIVEN TALENT, but instead of using their gifts to glorify the Lord, they’d rather use music to achieve money and fame. If you had a chance to witness to younger musicians and deliver them from that mindset or at least plant a seed in their souls, what would you tell them?
Ed Fuchs: I would probably try to get to know them first and see where they are coming from — build a relationship and see if we can help each other, jam and even hangout. Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care. James 1:17 “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” Every gift is from God; singing, songwriting, painting, friendship and listening.

VM:  Do you have any new music out or coming out and how can we keep up with all the latest on Ed Fuchs?
Ed Fuchs: I recently released a CD called “Beyond Eternity’s Shore” and I have another CD called “Set Us Ablaze” – you can find both on my website ( it has all my music available to listen to, download or purchase CDs and merchandise. You can even get some free downloads. It also contains all my contact information. I also send out newsletters. Email to sign up for the mailing list or contact us for booking inquires. You can also connect with us on social media such as (all other social media also have EdFuchsMusic in their name). My music is also available on iTunes. I have some new band members and we are working on getting some new material ready to record as a band hopefully soon.

VM: Well that concludes my Interview thanks for your time and sharing some of your life with us. God bless you, brother!!