New Endeavors


My first album, “Set Us Ablaze,” was released in December of 2011. Since then, God has opened many doors and is continuing to do so. I was blessed with the opportunity to share my story of hope with the Teen Challenge Metro Men’s Home in Seattle Washington this past February, participated in the Restoration, a huge youth event in Ohio, and I just returned from Bulgaria where I was blessed to perform some of my songs and given the privilege to preach.

What’s next?

Well, I landed back in the states on Tuesday and we began recording drum tracks on Wednesday. I’m still recovering from jet lag. I’ve been working on a full length record and we are just beginning to turn that dream into reality. I’m heading back into the studio this week to lay down some bass and acoustic guitar tracks. The record is entitled “Beyond Eternity’s Shore.” Be on the lookout for the first single this September!

What can you do?

Pray. Pray that God would be glorified in and through the rigorous recording process. Pray for lives to be touched by this music ministry. I have seen and heard many stories of lives being impacted and that only happens by the Holy Spirit. Please pray for God’s wisdom, will and provision as we seek His direction and leading for “Beyond Eternity’s Shore.

Support.  If you have not picked up a physical and/or digital copy of “Set Us Ablaze” head on over to and pick one or two or ten up! Everything helps and they make great gifts. The music is also available on Itunes but my site allows you to add a donation for our ministry with your purchase. Consider supporting this music ministry financially either through a paypal account or email me at if you would like an address to mail a check to.

               Promote. Please spread the word about the music to your friends,  on the social medias (i.e. twitter, Facebook, etc.) and be sure to subscribe to my new channel for live footage and much more. Also, let me know if you or your church/ministry needs live music for any event and we would be happy to help.

Thank you for your support and prayers as I step out in faith to be obedient to all God has called me to. God bless you!


Lying in Wait


“Set Us Ablaze” will finally be available for download and listening pleasure in only a matter of days. Though the time seems relatively close, it also feels dauntingly distant. There have been many long lonesome nights when I have sat and wondered what this dream was for, if it would reach anyone, and why it would never dissipate. From the flute classes in middle school to the heavy hardcore-screaming seven-string-guitar-playing days of metal in Las Vegas, music has been a great escape, a true friend, and an unrelenting “mystery which binds me still.”

There have been many precious people along the way that have helped shape, mold, and influence my character as well as my musical understanding and love for creating – teachers, long time friends, and family, to whom I am eternally grateful for the passion they have passed on to me by doing what they love most. Without you I would be nothing. At times we do not realize how much one of our lives can really reach out and touch another and my hope is that “Set Us Ablaze” will do that very thing…

Creating this CD has been a great adventure. I have had the privilege of collaborating with some very talented and hard-working people that adopted the vision and saw the reason behind it all. From early mornings to late, late nights, from somber moments to hysterical laughter almost on the verge of delirium, this process has birthed great memories, lasting friendships and learning experiences that I will never forget.

As I reflect on the seasons of my soul, I am overwhelmed by gratitude and awe realizing that God has been shaping me for “such a time as this.” I am continually humbled as I am reminded of where I have come from. What God brings us into is always greater then what He has brought us out of. I hope that when you hear these songs you, too, will be reminded of how God has been there for you, what He has done for you, and how much He loves you (whether you knew it or not).